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Re: Recommended Reading and Viewing
« Reply #15 on: December 05, 2017, 05:08:15 PM »
The dragonbone chair did immediately make me think of the iron throne.

Growing up, with long black hair and running through the woods, I always related to the hero of stories. Then one day, I realized I was a bald man who played the harp and other instruments and tells stories, and I realized I was more like the bard. Now adays, I'm starting to feel like it won't be long before I am more like the older man who gives advice to the young adventurers. Lord help me gain the wisdom for that.
All that to say, I get what you're saying about young protagonists. I started writing a book series years ago, and one of the elements is that two characters grow up and get old throughout the scope of the books. But the main characters are always kids because the books are intended for kids.

On the other hand, I'm working on another book where someone is older.

Personally, I wouldn't mind more fantasy works about older protagonists, or from the perspective of older characters. There's been this myth knocking around for a while that people in medieval times did not live long, which I suspect may have influenced a lot of our fantasy stories as a result. Of course, it is typical to tell stories about young people, anyway. The whole coming of age thing, identity crisis (though the mid-life crisis is an identity crisis too, I suppose), etc.

Those books sound like something to check out sometime, at any rate.

I thought I saw a unicorn on the way here, but it was just a horse with one of the horns broken off.