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Guide to thread flags
« on: December 15, 2017, 04:30:37 PM »
Thread flags allow us to differentiate between kinds of posts. Below is a list of flags and what they are used for. If you make a post in the Well of Visions and don't use a flag, a moderator may add a flag to your thread based upon their understanding of your intent. You may change this again if you like. Threads can have more than one type of flag.

If you believe a flag not found in the list below would be helpful, feel free to use it. Flags are not necessary but are welcome in general discussion posts outside the Well of Visions.

[Info] An informational post.
[Announcement] A forum announcement.
[Open] A story thread open to all new participants.
[Private] A story thread that is by invitation only. Any unexpected participants might be moderated.
[Roleplay] A standard roleplay thread, where characters belong to individual participants.
[Collaborative] A collaborative or round-robin story thread where no one owns any part of the story.
[Map] A map thread.
[World] A thread focused on developing a new world concept.
[Genre] This flag is meant to be replaced by the genre of the post in the writing section, i.e., [Poem], [Essay], etc.

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