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Hey! My name is DastenHero, and I stumbled upon this site after a long search for a Christian role play community. I saw a forum post on another site, and was lead here! I am currently a seventeen year old writer, creative fiction writer and amateur voice actor for online, free projects.

My hobbies include cinema, reading, singing (by myself, lol) reading comic books, performing with the trumpet and piano and creating art. I am a guy, and I love to come up with deep, dark stories to scare others with. (Just kidding! Kind of XD They always have lessons, lol.)

So, yeah! That's me! I wasn't sure where else I should post this, so I just kind of posted it here! I'm pretty laid back, so you don't need to ever feel uncomfortable around me. Also, I may use texting slang in my out of character messages, but I do not let it leak into my actual writing. We're in the same boat on that one. XD


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Re: Hey!
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Hello DastenHero!

A hearty welcome to you. And honestly, post wherever feels like the right place.
Pretty much all our active people here are Christians. You're welcome to jump in on whatever stories, rp, or discussions you like (Or start your own). There are a few active story projects in the Community Storytelling section of the Well of Visions. You're welcome to hop in on any you like. We like new participants. We do both RP (where everyone has a specific character(s) they "own") and community storytelling / round robin (where no one "owns" any character but we collaborate on telling a story post by post). The threads should be flagged with the appropriate genre.

I also like to play music and do various artistic sorts of projects.

No problem on the out of character texting slang. Out of character is just chit chat. In character, not so much -- unless we decide to do another modern fantasy like we did years ago!
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I thought I saw a unicorn on the way here, but it was just a horse with one of the horns broken off.

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Re: Hey!
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Nice to have you on the forum.

I'd tell you more about myself, but I actually have a topic set aside for that already - "Introduce Yourself Here!" It's one of the sticky topics. Of course, I don't mind you making a separate topic for yourself, but if you really wanted to find an official place for it, that's why it was created.

I hope we have similar interests, so We can make something out of our association. If not, well, we'll still work something out. Feel free to post wherever you want. Some topics really need to get going!
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