About Lost Pathway

The Lost Pathway leads far into the forest of Timberlost to the Village of Puttygut, a whimsical and fantastical home for castaways from many lands.

Welcome to
We are a community for whimsy, collaborative storytelling, roleplay, speculative fiction (fantasy, sci-fi, etc) literature, and general discussion. We hope you stick around and join in!

The Lost Pathway started ca. 2004 as an internet community begun by Raven as a place to do collaborative storytelling/roleplay, share writing, and host discussion. The original community disappeared, but in 2016 it rose again for the same purposes.

Where to Begin
A good place to start is here in the Village Hall section where you can find further information on what we do here and how we go about it.

Introduce Yourself and Join Discussion
The Grey Horse Tavern is the section for general discussion, riddles, and whimsical collections. This is a great place to introduce yourself and jump in on conversations.

Join in the Stories!
The Well of Visions is the section for writing, collaboration, roleplay, and world building. Go here to read the thread on what we do and how we go about it!

Discover More About Speculative Fiction (Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Horror, etc.)
Coir's Windmill is the home of the archival work of Coir, the author of the Masters of Fantasy series. Coir's cataloging of speculative fiction is incredible. Make sure to check out his series to find new authors or learn more about old familiar figures in speculative fiction.  

Glimpse Our Past
The Memory Tree is a section devoted to memories from the original Lost Pathway community. This is a read-only section.